CBD Gummies Put an Insomniac Like Me To Bed



A sleepyhead wakes to tell her tale.


I don’t sleep. Similar to your favorite vampire (Team Edward or Team Jacob?) I lie awake at night, scanning the walls of my bedroom searching for answers. “Why did I say that in my meeting?” “What did Rebecca, who I haven’t spoken to since ninth grade, end up doing with her life?” “What is my mom doing right now, and is she okay?”

To escape the mind prison that locks me up after 2 a.m., I’ve tried all the best tricks on the market. Nyquil? For kiddies. Melatonin? Give me a break. A routine that relaxes me hours before I hit the hay? That’s going to be a no from me, dog. But all this changed when I found CBD gummies.

Before we deep dive into my personal journey, it’s best to know what exactly CBD is. CBD, the acronym for cannabidoil, is derived from the hemp plant, a cousin of the marijuana plant. Since it comes from hemp and not marijuana, it’s completely legal nationwide and relatively easy to find online in myriad forms: lotion, chocolate, black pepper, face masks, bath bombs and, yes, gummy form. CBD does not contain any THC, the ingredient in the cannabis plant that gets you high, so you don’t ever need to worry about somehow losing your day to a streaming of Good Burger while eating a bag of Cheetos — not that there’s anything wrong with that. The part of CBD that intrigued me the most was its never-ending list of benefits. CBD advocates claim that the ingredient has the ability to not only hydrate the driest of skin and treat childhood epilepsy but to also provide chronic pain relief and work to fight the early onset of diabetes. I, however, was interested in CBD for its ability to treat insomnia. I was hopeful that CBD gummies could be the answer to all my problems, so I decided to give it a try.

My final takeaways from my gummy journey? Do your research, check out ingredients, and learn a bit more about the brand. You should search for brands that utilize the complete plant and are legitimized by third-party lab tests. Also, make sure you know how your body reacts to CBD, since it can vary from person to person. Ten milligrams will work for some people, while others may need a bit of a higher dose. And finally, to all my insomnia homies who are up at 4:45am Googling "how do I get to sleep," maybe a gummy is a great place to start.

BY CHLOE HALL - Elle Magazine

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