About Sea Island CBD


The Sea Island Collective is Family

 Sea Island CBD is part of the Sea Island Collective of companies based in coastal South Carolina. We pride ourselves on producing consistent and quality products by using sustainable, holistic cultivation and extraction methods. We use no synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, ever!

With over four decades of experience growing and creating plant based medicine, we are pleased to introduce Sea Island CBD to our family, friends and you!

We own and control our entire process from seed to shelf. We follow organic protocols every step of the way.

 We manage all processes of hemp product development, refinement, and extraction.

 We own all of our operations and fulfillment systems and oversee every aspect of product sales and distribution.

This is called “vertical integration”. From the seed placed in the ground to the bottle or jar in your hand, we oversee with expert precision every step of the process to ensure that you are getting the very best CBD product available in the world.

There is a true difference in ALL the Hemp related products hitting the shelves. Please be sure to do your research and talk to others before you make a purchase. We embrace the #cbdlifestyle. If you have questions, we are happy to share our knowledge and love of the plant. 

                                                              Sea Island CBD