How do I start using Sea Island's CBD Tinctures?


To start using Sea Island's CBD Tinctures? Be sure of the strength of your dosage. i.e our Sea Island CBD FULL 300 contains 10 mg of active cannabinoids per dose.

 A good starting dose is half of a dropper in the evening, with a high fat meal. If you do not feel relief after 10-15 minutes, you may take another half dropper for a full dose. 

Monitor how you feel. We all metabolize Hemp Oil differently. Each individual is different in how their system reacts to these products.

It is best to start with a small dose and increase your dose until you achieve the desired results.

Results May Vary

Try to take Sea Island CBD at the same time every day. This will make it easier for you to notice the effects. Because metabolic responses vary, we recommend gradually increasing your dosage until the desired result is achieved. If you are sensitive to supplements and over-the-counter drugs like aspirin and acetaminophen, you should increase your dosage more slowly.


Research has shown that CBD-based products are very safe even at extremely high levels. There is no over-dosing. The most typical side effect is drowsiness. 

Track Your Progress

It’s a good idea to keep a daily journal of how you feel and how much Sea Island CBD you’re taking.